Prices are always subject to change. These prices were last updated 5/9/2022.

Keep in mind that the complexity of the work will compound the price. Additional fees may apply.


Pricing varies for each piece but you can expect to spend 300-500 per painting. The following prices are based on the standard size of my commissions (22X28in gallery wrapped canvas) glow in the dark painting.

1-2 characters : $300

2-4 characters: $400

5+: characters: $500+

Keep in mind a few things, I may not be able to full-fill all requests for a commission and I may have to refer you to another artist. Also, I stick to my strengths and if I am not capable of creating what you want I will not take on the work. Here is a list of what I will and will not do.

Things I will do:


Things I will NOT do


Political or religious themes

Leave a comment with what you are looking for. Include subject, medium, and a detailed description. Standard size for my commissions is 22X28in. If you are looking for a different size state that as well.

I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss availability and pricing specific to your request.