About Me

I grew up doodling and drawing on my notebooks at school and napkins at home. During high school, I was lucky enough to take art classes. Though going to college for art at the time was not in the cards for me, I continued drawing as a hobby.

I joined the army in 2009 and continued my habit of drawing and doodling whenever it was possible. Drawing became a coping mechanism for me while I was deployed and hospitalized during those years.

It wasn’t until 2018 that I picked up spray paint and started toying around with it. It turned out to be a way for me to make money while in college so I began painting at First Fridays in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

Art has become therapeutic for me. It’s helped me learn to let go and trust the process. I now work as a mixed media artist out of Phoenix Arizona. I dabble in many mediums but prefer spray art and acrylic. Painting live and posting videos of my artistic process are two of my priorities as it allows the viewer to partake in the creative process with me.

You can find videos of my spray painting process on Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram. You can find prints and detailed explanations of each acrylic painting on Artstation.